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Algorithmically Identifying Hurricane Damage

Iterative research on deep learning techniques to classify large sets of remote sensing images

Project at the University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2023

Collaboration between myself, Kate Tanabe, and Jack Rummler

Personal contributions include data imports, CNN modeling, and data

Link to Presentation

Tools Used:

  • Python and Tensorflow for CNN, ResNet, and transfer learning model construction
  • Precise technical writing to communicate validity of approach

Hi, I’m Ben.

I’m a data analyst and visualization specialist with a designer background.

I started in graphics and communication design to learn essential tools for problem solving, and I was fortunate to work on many projects that solved communication challenges online and in 3D space. Now I'm taking these user-focused design skills and applying them to today's civic issues through geospatial data analysis, data vis, and front-end development tools.

I love working with other specialists to learn their processes and create useful insights, engaging sites, and accessible experiences. If I can be of service to your own projects, please send me a message!

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